Using a Compliance Setting to create a WMI Instance to inventory Monitor Details

By | 20.09.2017

With Windows 7, we were using Roger Zanders Tool “DisplayInfo WMI Provider” to inventory Monitor Details. It creates a WMI class which holds information about the connected monitors.


This has stopped working with Windows 10 since 1511. I did no further investigation, because I think this tool is no longer available officially.

I found a great Powershell script here which creates a similar WMI class.
What I did is to slightly adjust the script to use the same naming like Rogers tool did. So we can keep the existing settings regarding the hardware inventory in our client settings. Also I created a discovery script to make it work as a Compliance Setting:


Add the new WMI class to your client settings:


Create the Compliance Setting:



The result looks like this:





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