Start the Softwarecenter when Applications are available

By | 17.07.2017

If you are using grace period with your general deployment strategy, it might be a bit late for this one. This feature was introduced in ConfigMgr TP 1606 and came into CB within 1610.

But if you are still deploying using “Available” deployments, it might be helpful.
Users are “sometimes” complicated. If installations are enforced on the client, it always happens at the worst possible time. Blame the IT. Giving the users the possibility to install their applications when they prefer, the new problem might be that they don’t notice the notification.

Software Available

After a few days they call the Help Desk, asking why the required software isn’t installed yet.

To prevent this, I wrote a Powershell script which queries the WMI for available deployments which aren’t installed yet:

This runs as a scheduled task triggered at log on. Since the SCCM agent starts delayed, the scheduled task has a delay of 2 minutes as well. I didn’t like the Powershell console window showing up when the task runs. So I wrapped it into a VBS. The zip file contains everything you need to deploy it to a client. Including install / uninstall scripts.

Download StartSoftwarecenter

ZIP password: mgwtf

Start Softwarecenter


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